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Wounds of a friend or Kisses of an enemy?

Harvey Spector walks into Donna’s office, seeking advice on whether to make Mike a senior partner at the firm. To his surprise, Donna thinks otherwise.
“You made him a lawyer before he was ready. Don’t make him a senior partner before he’s ready. It won’t help him, and it won’t help us.”
“How do you know he’s not ready?”,


I Can’t Adult….At least not now!

Dear friends, let’s talk about age. Specifically, the timelines and milestones the society engraves on us. Over the course of my life, I have been made to believe that certain things have to happen at certain preordained time. Talk about graduating at 22, being married with kids by 25 and achieving your dream job by 30. For ladies, they grow up dreaming about the big day,



The VAT law enacted by parliament finally kicked in on Saturday, after its conception in 2013. It was delayed by three years and the parliament in 2016 further delayed its implementation by two years. Cabinet Secretary to the treasury, Henry Rotich went ahead to implement the VAT law, ignoring a parliament resolve to have the 16% VAT tax implemented after another two years,



President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday afternoon (American time) met his counterpart President Donald Trump at the white house, on what was a second formal meeting in White House for an African leader after Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari visit late April, this year. Trade and investment in Kenya, Peace and Security at the horn of Africa and the direct flights from Nairobi to New York City which is set to commence on October,


Harvesting the Private Sector Honey: The key to development financing.

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In the world’s poorest and least developed region, sitting on a cradle of wealth, the hope for development and transformation is ominous. Africa’s riches has been left unsubdued or misused by political leaders. Political immorality has curtailed our potential. Dreams of our forefathers are being busted every after dawn and before dusk. Nonetheless, we all agree that this needs to change!