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Doing well in school is nothing to be proud of

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Bitange Ndemo the Kenyan Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union and a former professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Nairobi, citing an article by Olivia Goldhill (Doing well in school is nothing to be proud of) noted how high achievers feel validated when results correspond to their achievements. Referring to this study by Olivia Goldhill,


Stick and Boots: The Gangster Paradigm

Hiking is improperly but necessarily expensive if you prefer to get out of it alive of course. The mountains, in their natural beauty, dressed in evergreens right up to their crowns of silver-white are very attractive. Walking through them, however, and up their summits is a delicate balance between life and death. The line gets even thinner when you decide to do it cheaply.


Meet Abel Mutua: The Storyteller With Juice

If you say you’re somebody’s fan, well, that gets tested most when the chips are down, not when the said person is riding high on the updraft of victory. That explains why all celebrities and notable individuals camouflage in the false sense of success to avoid the sneer and piercing eyes of their ‘haters’ as they call them. Did I say all celebrities?


East African girls are snacks

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East African girls are snacks. So when I walked into this Eritrean restaurant on a Saturday morning, I had the Menu figured out. Just Snacks. But when the devil was banished from heaven many centuries ago, he, actually, she, fell comfortably on cushions in Nairobi. She made the city her HQ.

Now listen, every man wakes up twice.


‘The head that became neck’

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My first driving lesson was tutored by my mum. My mum taught me how to tie a neck tie and a belt around my waist. The knowledge I have about cars, houses, machines and splitting firewood is all my mother’s handwork.

My dad on the other hand, taught me how to cook, how to scream and not to raise my hands even on an abusive woman.