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Meet Abel Mutua: The Storyteller With Juice

If you say you’re somebody’s fan, well, that gets tested most when the chips are down, not when the said person is riding high on the updraft of victory. That explains why all celebrities and notable individuals camouflage in the false sense of success to avoid the sneer and piercing eyes of their ‘haters’ as they call them. Did I say all celebrities?


East African girls are snacks

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East African girls are snacks. So when I walked into this Eritrean restaurant on a Saturday morning, I had the Menu figured out. Just Snacks. But when the devil was banished from heaven many centuries ago, he, actually, she, fell comfortably on cushions in Nairobi. She made the city her HQ.

Now listen, every man wakes up twice.


‘The head that became neck’

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My first driving lesson was tutored by my mum. My mum taught me how to tie a neck tie and a belt around my waist. The knowledge I have about cars, houses, machines and splitting firewood is all my mother’s handwork.

My dad on the other hand, taught me how to cook, how to scream and not to raise my hands even on an abusive woman.


Meet Ivy Alexander: Not Just a girl

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Hi you, there is someone I would love you to meet. You probably know her but in drib and drabs.

Not long ago when I was a boy, I was dumbfounded whenever I saw a lady driving a car. I thought that was a man’s hobby. Gradually, this naïveté was quickly diluted by more ladies in male-dominated fields offering me a place in sophistication instead.


Meet Bitange Ndemo: The Professor With Natural Intelligence

Konza City Creating Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs for Ethiopians

There is something about fire, no wonder it has a primal link with humans. Smoldering, roaring, flickering flames, eager, hungry, rampaging; it fuels a unique beast within it. It devours everything in its path. In 1959, a fire was kindled in Kisii county whose warmth and blaze we get to experience now.

Professor Bitange Ndemo understands that there comes a time when “pushing”


Meet Julie Gichuru: The Lady with Fire in Her Bones

‘The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me,’  Ayn Rand pictures Julie Gichuru with these words.

In a chauvinistic and testosterone-driven world, ambitious and goal-oriented women are seen as a threat and hence many hold back. But Julie was not eloquent in this language. She did not relate to this kind of medieval mentality.