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New year resolutions? Such a Cliché! Try this instead.

The day is finally here. A new beginning. A beckoning of life-changing and transformative journey. At least that’s what most of us want to believe, and are having it jotted down. Show me who invented new year’s resolutions and I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. I’ll tell you who did. New year’s resolution was invented by a group of guilty people, who feel sorry for themselves. People who have spent the best part of the year lavishly and in disuse and now burdening a new year with a promise of reversing their misery.

I hate to break it to you, that unless you are a company and are coming up with a strategic plan for the year, new year’s resolutions are just limits we put on ourselves and they are nothing like plans. They are the promises we make for ourselves to feel better. It is a temporary sedative we give ourselves before we reincarnate to our old selves.

New year resolutions are a thing of the past. Instead of limiting yourself to some specific, wishful promises, how about being open minded. Exploring what life has to offer without limitations. We were never created and designed like a robot, with pre-determined commands. Man is an intelligent being, innovative and creative. Man is designed to pursue adventures and to outgrow his limitations; to do the things he thinks he can’t. And new year resolutions, negates the whole purpose of this idea. We should embrace the freedom that comes with being open and contented in one’s mind.

New year resolutions are just social pressures exerted on people. The pressure that makes it look ambiguous to not to know what you want to do. Sometimes it makes sense to just sit back and enjoy the moments as they come. The idea of “shoot for the moon, if you miss you may land among the stars” is vague, and you may end up falling back on the ground with crushed dreams. If at all a new year means a new beginning to you, you might consider going for the important goals; the immaterial. This entails prioritizing self-care and self-love above what the society’s idea of change is. And this shouldn’t always wait for a new year or a new month, whatsoever. Change happens at any time and at any moment.

Surprise yourself when you can, don’t be limited and predictable. Take the new year as a new chance filled with new experiences. But while you’re at it, don’t forget that every day is a miracle, go for what ignites your soul. Self-improvement happens every day, not just at the start of the year. Instead of a new year resolution, set targets for yourself, those you can accomplish to the best of your ability. And whereas we have mentioned about self-care and self-love, don’t let yourself be self-focused and centered. Try also to be of use, like a candle, light up the society. Afterall, these are the things that do matter. More often than not, people set life-changing new year resolutions. It looks like an overhaul of your life. Rarely do they come to pass, because you don’t expect to transform your life in just one year. It is a process, it takes time. Stop trying to find the forest, and just enjoy the trees.


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