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Well dressed, but depressed…

woman wearing dress carrying book

Midnights, or just late nights. This is when a train of thoughts wrecks my mind. It is when I get a chance to meet the real me, the me that only me would ever know and understand. This particular late-night, however, my life flashes before me. Just Like a movie, the twists, the drama and the suspense plays out before me.


Sport Betting: The Modern-Day Witchcraft in Kenya

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A betting generation, is like a house built on riparian land, it can get demolished at any time. Once upon a time, the society was built on the virtue of hard work. ‘If you shall not work, you shouldn’t eat’, was a slogan echoing in everyone’s mind. Not anymore. Well, just like dinosaurs, this virtue has found its way into extinction.


The day my pocket laughed

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Word of advice friends, if a restaurant plays jazz music or instrumentals, avoid it. At all cost! If the menu is printed on a book, and not posted on the wall, stay away, for your own sake!

27th September, 2018 early morning, after I had snoozed my alarm severally, my phone rang. This time, it was Jane,


Part 1: Birthdays are for ladies and maybe Short Men


The author of this article is suffering from a rare condition, humorawesomenessatire, and as such this article does not in any way reflect the opinion and facts of a thinking human being and therefore you may not learn anything from this article. The author is just bitter that he is a living evidence that being tall does not guarantee him ladies.


Ignorant Media, an accomplice to terror attacks

Tuesday afternoon’s attack on riverside, Wetlands reincarnated   the doom and gloomy scars of terrorism attacks in our nation. People in riverside were unlucky to be the victims of a cowardice act of terror, but thanks to our faithful and brave security agencies, sanity has been restored. Bravo to our brave soldiers and everyone who was involved in saving lives. You showed great loyalty and love for our country.


Why is music so underrated?

It is a strange place right now, this world. You switch on the news and you’re met with grim and desolate news. Watching TV is no longer fun and seductive, like in the past. When you seek an escape route on social media, Trump meets you with juvenile tweets, you wonder what he is doing on twitter, leave alone how he became president.


New year resolutions? Such a Cliché! Try this instead.

The day is finally here. A new beginning. A beckoning of life-changing and transformative journey. At least that’s what most of us want to believe, and are having it jotted down. Show me who invented new year’s resolutions and I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. I’ll tell you who did. New year’s resolution was invented by a group of guilty people,


Wounds of a friend or Kisses of an enemy?

Harvey Spector walks into Donna’s office, seeking advice on whether to make Mike a senior partner at the firm. To his surprise, Donna thinks otherwise.
“You made him a lawyer before he was ready. Don’t make him a senior partner before he’s ready. It won’t help him, and it won’t help us.”
“How do you know he’s not ready?”,


I Can’t Adult….At least not now!

Dear friends, let’s talk about age. Specifically, the timelines and milestones the society engraves on us. Over the course of my life, I have been made to believe that certain things have to happen at certain preordained time. Talk about graduating at 22, being married with kids by 25 and achieving your dream job by 30. For ladies, they grow up dreaming about the big day,