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Paul or Saul, Virgin or not: Past is Past!

Imagine a girl standing at the edge of a dangling bridge. The weather is very angry, with pounding raindrops, bolts of white lightening splitting the sky and a selfish thunder that just wants to draw attention to itself. She can’t jump and she wouldn’t move even a step backwards.

The weather is nothing compared to the storm inside her; a raging ocean, whose waves keep plundering away her vibe. She is just standing there, still but shaking. Wondering why she is human, drowned in idealization. She doesn’t know what she wants; A Peace of mind or a Piece of mend?  

Whether in the shower or in life, we don’t seem much in love with our backs. Few bad choices is met with judicial gazes. Character progress is tarnished by reputation. Stupid memories. Useless past. Remember the phrase, ‘We are not what we look like’?  It is now a rhetoric instinct to every mortal I meet and every soul I connect with. It is not fair to imprison people in cages they are trying to break out from. If pasts really mattered, we wouldn’t be talking of the most famous shepherd. History could be a point of reference but never precedence for justice.

I’ve met people in my life. Most I have judged based on their appearance, some on what I have heard. Not when I started appreciating the blessings of strangers. The power of the unknown. The pleasures of the unexplained. Those we exchange smiles in streets and never to see again.

Those I assume they are beautiful and good people, without a glimpse of their story. Every single one of them is a puzzle I don’t wish to solve but enjoy having around. Turns out, people are as good as they treat you. Not what you’ve heard. Not what they look like. I’ve had deep and gracious conversation with random strangers. I have received some rare form of pure love from people I can’t even remember their faces.

And here is the thing; Deep down in everyone’s heart is always the desire to be good and well intended. Others are just victims of circumstances.  But you shouldn’t just underrate change. The probable re-alignment of people’s thoughts for the better.

I know of prominent movie stars who were previous convicts, good wives who were considered sluts and prostitutes in their pasts. I’ve heard of professors and academicians, who were very poor in class. We all know of at least one billionaire who hadn’t figured out her life when she was 30. It is all part of this amazing circus and play called life. Our limitations are our strengths, foundations upon which the springs for a better comeback is rooted.

We may never know how we got to this bridge but now that we are out, going back is out of question. And of course guilt is not our portion and shame will never be an option. Ever heard of the reckless love? The shepherd who left 99 flocks of sheep to look for a lost one? The one who threw a bash for His son, who had forsaken and failed him? He even asked His father to forgive those who mocked and ridiculed him, heard of Him? No greater love story can match this. It defies logic and overrules reason. How I want to be like him. So that she doesn’t have to think of jumping. She would just mount on her courage, take the step backwards and face the storm. Lighting shadows. Kicking down walls. Tearing lies. The reckless love we don’t deserve, but we have it anyway.   

7 Responses
  • Karisa
    August 12, 2019

    I had to post this on my status

  • Martin
    August 12, 2019

    Inspirational. We’re not defined by our past

    • Karisa
      August 12, 2019

      I think it defines some aspects of our lives though we shouldn’t allow it to control us or use it against people.
      It’s something we may not be able to run away from but we must face it and accept it however ugly.
      Our past

  • Chess Estelle
    August 12, 2019

    Indeed, one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, neither the taste of sugar by its colour. With different perceptions, it does awe that anyone can decide to look beyond what always, though not entirely true, seems to be.

  • Brenda Walela
    August 12, 2019

    Wow, this is accurate,
    “Don’t imprison people in cages they are trying to break free from”
    Very profound piece.

  • Koo letta
    August 19, 2019

    Well I can connect… You write my world

  • Wennah
    November 29, 2019

    Me:*shouts*”Guilt is not my portion and shame ain’t an option”

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