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Why are girls so beautiful?

I have been trusting God in prayer for a while now. A prayer of supplication. Covid-19 never knocked on our doors. Instead, it unwelcomely invited itself into our living rooms. Most of my neighbors were not about to put up with a rude visitor and hence they canceled or put off whatever brought them to the city, picked whatever they could and moved back to where their grandfathers married many wives.


Good First Impressions? Maybe In The Next Life

It has been 11 years since my last real physical fight. Beaten and humbled by my short classmate, it was my first taste of falling short of the glory of God. My crush was watching and so were my mates. Shame, fear, lack of confidence, humility…these were my new software updates courtesy of Collins Okiring. Thrice that day, he had successfully remodeled me from Babito the Popular,


Meet Vanessa O. Boehm: The Creator of ‘The Soul Minds Scars’

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There is this thing about music that it almost reflects the human body. I find it relatively synonymous with my heartbeat and its lyrics echo the vibrations in my soul. To me and to many, music has been a teacher and a safe haven. Music fills the air and our space without effort. We feed so much from it as its rhythm swims through our cerebral cortex.