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Why are girls so beautiful?

I have been trusting God in prayer for a while now. A prayer of supplication. Covid-19 never knocked on our doors. Instead, it unwelcomely invited itself into our living rooms. Most of my neighbors were not about to put up with a rude visitor and hence they canceled or put off whatever brought them to the city, picked whatever they could and moved back to where their grandfathers married many wives.


Good First Impressions? Maybe In The Next Life

It has been 11 years since my last real physical fight. Beaten and humbled by my short classmate, it was my first taste of falling short of the glory of God. My crush was watching and so were my mates. Shame, fear, lack of confidence, humility…these were my new software updates courtesy of Collins Okiring. Thrice that day, he had successfully remodeled me from Babito the Popular,


Meet Cynthia Nyongesa: Buttering The Untold Stories Of African Youth

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“I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard ”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if these were Cynthia Nyongesa’s words?


Meet Vanessa O. Boehm: The Creator of ‘The Soul Minds Scars’

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There is this thing about music that it almost reflects the human body. I find it relatively synonymous with my heartbeat and its lyrics echo the vibrations in my soul. To me and to many, music has been a teacher and a safe haven. Music fills the air and our space without effort. We feed so much from it as its rhythm swims through our cerebral cortex.


Meet Soila & Curtis: Happily Married In Their 20s

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The Wamalwas

The image painted of Marriage is that of a wedding gown, a ring worn, honeymoon or a paper signed. Signed to pronounce a life commitment and for others, a convenience drawn back before even the ink dries. Till death do us part, they say, assuming no other lifetimes after mortality. If you take this at face value,


Meet Santuella: The Wanderer Lost In Prose

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This life is an adventure. The thing about it is, where we wander; none have walked before. 

Our life is sacramental. Infact someone once wrote, ‘It is lived as a secret and told as a lie. Sure, we share bits and pieces of what happens throughout our days, or within our nights, but that’s all. That’s all that is shared.


Meet Fidel Makatia: The Einstein from Kenyatta University

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When Plato argued that ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’, he provoked a storm of ideas on who actually gives birth to inventions. Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead disagrees with this idea. In fact, he thinks this proverb is silly. He says, “Necessity is the mother of futile dodges” is much closer to the truth. ‘The basis of the growth of modern invention is science,


Meet Rawder Kidula: Road to Radio and Christ, In Her Own Words

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I love my pieces articulate and declamatory. The kind that stirs your mind, leaves it in a trainwreck of thoughts and later buries it in a bubble. Tea or coffee. They are my companions in this quest.

Today, I chose tea. And guess what my teabags reminded me of?… Women! “They are like teabags”, Eleanor Roosevelt once said.


Nostalgia is a nasty liar!

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Drinks bring back memories. But so do breaths. Every single one of them. At least for us teetotalers, who don’t need drinks to subject our minds to involuntary time travel.

The year is 2015. I am in love, with a tender soul who smiles charitably and freely. Eyes are meant to see but hers speak, of the journey of sunlight as it enters raindrops and emerges as rainbows.


PART 2: Birthdays Are For Ladies and Maybe Short Men

Who gets rejected and elated simultaneously on his birthday? That can only be a loser who doesn’t give a shilling about the basic rules of charm. That loser is me. I finally understood what it feels to be a Man U fan.

 So for the past 22 years, I have successfully satisfied
the inclination of men, both dead and alive,