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Today is pregnant with Tomorrow…

It has been a delightful week I must admit. Normally, my week starts on Friday, meaning your Friday is my Monday and your Monday is my Saturday. Yes, I kinda re-arranged the whole thing. That’s the whole reason they call me weird.

The symptoms of what would be a thought-provoking feverish sort of week started with a delightful message (Thursday last week) from SWVL,


Mouse face or Lion’s tail?

Can you guess what I do first as soon as I board a matatu? I clasp my phone so firmly I could feel pain in my wrist. I then direct all the signals in my nervous system to the receptors located in the dermis and epidermis, just around my right butt (where my wallet is). That is after, of course,


‘Till Life brings Us Together: Episode 3

When two or three are gathered in His name, the presence of God is there. With Sister Sam and Brother Kena, however, it was so extra. There were confusion, good vibrations and an unexplained soothing breeze. A paradox it was. An awesome three-somebodies who catastrophically got their frequencies aligned without prior warning nor planning.

Allow me, first,


Paul or Saul, Virgin or not: Past is Past!

Imagine a girl standing at the edge of a dangling bridge. The weather is very angry, with pounding raindrops, bolts of white lightening splitting the sky and a selfish thunder that just wants to draw attention to itself. She can’t jump and she wouldn’t move even a step backwards.

The weather is nothing compared to the storm inside her;


3 hours in Rome

Darling, when we fall in love, remind me to take you to 360 degrees Ristorante.  Because that’s where you and I will spend the rest of my money, and of course my father’s.  Don’t give me the rest of your life. I just want the rest of your evening. Even if it is just for a cup of Espresso or Americano,


‘Till Life brings Us Together: Episode 2

On the eve of my campus admission; I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned but just couldn’t find the right position. I was in a linger; eyes couldn’t close, heart wouldn’t stop beating. I couldn’t just wait to get to my fantasy world no matter how blurred it was. My mind kept wandering in vicinities I have never been.


‘Till Life brings Us Together: Episode 1

Looking back, given a time travel machine, I would go back and relive the four years. The echoes of my life on campus keep sounding the same song; Make the very same mistakes and meet the very same friends. Thanks to the four years, I can now afford to dream. I can look in the mirror, stare straight to my eyes,


‘New wineskin, Same old wine’

So, I am taking a walk in this invisible space in my mind and in the subconscious land is a train wreck of chaotic realities that I would like to share. For starters, I am now almost convinced that I was born three centuries too late. That is not to say I am questioning the wisdom of He who thought it  wise to have me in this generation.


The Tale of My name and My Relations with Obama

It is not a secret now, that many facets of my rather ‘mysterious’ life, as my friends would say, give every indication that in fact, I was in the lineage of chief-hood. That is to say, if the British could have just held on to their piss and maybe avoided East Africa, I could have been a Chief and most probably presiding over the council of Jodongo this very second.


House Of Curse?

Outside their chambers, they fight and give all indications that they are enemies. Or at least, that is what they want us to see. In fact they call themselves names to sell the act. But here is the truth, just like Pro-wrestling, it is all scripted and predetermined. The punches and the kicks maybe real, but at the end it is a win-win situation: money in the bank.