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The Tale of My name and My Relations with Obama

It is not a secret now, that many facets of my rather ‘mysteriuos’ life, as my friends would say, give every indication that in fact I was in the lineage of chiefhood. That is to say, if the British could have just held on to their piss and maybe avoided East Africa, I could have been a Chief and most probably presiding over the council of Jodongo this very second.


House Of Curse?

Outside their chambers, they fight and give all indications that they are enemies. Or at least, that is what they want us to see. In fact they call themselves names to sell the act. But here is the truth, just like Pro-wrestling, it is all scripted and predetermined. The punches and the kicks maybe real, but at the end it is a win-win situation: money in the bank.


10 fascinating facts about countries. All of them will surprise you!

  • It is considered immature to smile in Bangladesh and as a result people don’t smile much. By Bangladesh standards, all my friends are immature especially with their meme-loving lives. In the same country, the left hand is considered to be unclean. The right hand is used when eating, passing food, or things. In other words if you are left-handed and happy,

My Top 10 Tv Series

10. The 100

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What if, just what if a nuclear Armageddon destroys civilization on Earth and the only survivors are those on the international space stations in orbit at the time. Then, because resources are dwindling, teams have to be sent down to earth in a bid to save humanity. Then we land and we notice,


Is Kenya the New Chinatown?

“Signing a contract with China is like, ascribing to the boiling frog effect; a fable describing a frog being boiled alive slowly. If you drop a frog suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if you put that same frog in a vessel of water and start heating the water gradually, it will adjust its body temperature accordingly until it reaches a stage beyond its capacity and dies foolishly” Someone noted.


Get Scared, But Never scared off

If our bones could talk, how intriguing will it be to listen to the untold stories they carry. The confessions they will make about the many times they struggle to keep us alive. You know that feeling, when you are standing at the edge of a tall building and a screw in your head loosens. For a moment, you sail away with the fairies.


ROBOTS, AI VS HUMANS: Are you ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Once upon a time, Nokia was a global market leader boasting a bigger national budget than Finland, the country it was founded. After few years, a source of national pride turned into shame, a story of rise and fall written and orchestrated by technology.  Such is the unforgiving and radical-transmutation nature of technology; Impatient and eternally flowering. The future of work is knocking,


Stop praying for the rains and start irrigating and diversifying!

It is never an easy ride in Kenya. When it rains, it is tragedy, and when it doesn’t it is still tragedy. Call it the Kenyan Paradox. Agriculture contributes to up to two-thirds (33%) of our GDP, even after considering the fact that a large proportion of agricultural produce is used in the subsistence level. During the launch of the Kenyan Economic Update at the Norfolk Fairmount,


Not my mind, it’s my soul that is tired

 What if this life is a movie, I wonder, and all of us are just in character sticking to a script that has already been penciled down and perfected? What if those of us full of worries and sorrows are just the main protagonist of this fairy tale and the rest of us form part of the cast and extras?


Is democracy the root of the rot and Economic slump in Kenya?

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and impunity is no longer considered as ‘breaking news’ in Kenya but rather ‘In
other news’. The ease at which substantial amount of money is lost in Kenya
under the watch of decorated and overrated institutions surprises me. It was
painful to maintain an eye contact with a tax paying ‘Mama Mboga’ when the
Deputy President comfortably claimed that ‘just 7 billion and not 21 billion’
was lost through the dam projects in Arror and Kimwarer.